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Effortless Product Listing

Export your entire Etsy catalog to your TikTok Shop

Get your Etsy products listed on TikTok Shop in minutes, not hours! 

Streamline the process, eliminating tedious manual uploads and ensuring consistency across both platforms.

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Real-Time Inventory Sync

Maintain perfect stock levels across both platforms

Once you’ve imported your Etsy products, say goodbye to manual inventory updates! 

Eliminate the risk of oversells, streamline your fulfillment process, and build customer confidence with accurate product availability.

Unified Order Management

View Etsy & TikTok Shop orders in a single dashboard

Experience the convenience of a unified order dashboard after connecting your Etsy and TikTok Shop. 

Eliminate the need to switch between platforms and get a comprehensive view of your business.

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Inventory Sync


Order Overview


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Discover the perfect solution for your needs and unlock the full potential of 
Etsy & TikTok Shop integration

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) allows you to manage your inventory based on SKUs. 
The app automatically syncs Etsy inventory to TikTok Shop and ensures that the inventory levels are accurate and updated.

The app provides real-time synchronization of inventory and products. Changes made on Etsy are updated immediately on the app to ensure accurate and timely data transfer.

To import Etsy products on TikTok Shop using the Etsy Integration & Sync app, select the desired products from your Etsy Products page and proceed to import. The app will handle the synchronization and ensure your products are listed on the TikTok Shop with accurate information.

The app fetches orders from Etsy in real time, ensuring that the order information is promptly updated within the app. This real-time import enables you to efficiently overview the orders with accurate and up-to-date data.

Yes, the Etsy Integration & Sync app is designed to be suitable for stores of all sizes, from small businesses to large enterprises. It offers scalability and flexibility to meet the needs of various store setups.

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